Emergency Food Stash

emergency food stash


Do you have an emergency food stash?

In this case, I’m not talking about a survival type emergency.  This stash is more for “Oh #@$# I forgot to pack my lunch again” emergencies.  Instead of going out and spending $10 to $15 at a restaurant, you could just reach into your stash and eat something for less than $2.  That’s what I mean.

Why do I consider this an emergency?  It’s a financial emergency and this is why;

The Damage

Personally, I’ve always had a really hard time making my lunch in the morning and this has led to lots of eating out last minute.  Costing me an average of $12 each time.  Let’s say I did this 3 times a week.  That’s $36 or $144 a month.. Starts to add up real quick.

Let’s take that $144 a month and invest it over 10 years in ETF’s instead.  Imagine a realistic average return of 7% interest.  You know how much that would be?  Twenty five thousand seventy three dollars and eighty four cents.  That’s right, 25K.  Still worth not packing a lunch?  If you did that 5 times a week like many do, it would be 41K.   And that’s for a cheap $12 lunch.  What if you also stopped for breakfast in the morning?  I was guilty of all this.  Not anymore.

The Solution

The solution was easy.  Have an Emergency Food Stash at work.  Nothing complicated.  A desk drawer will do.  Load up on some Campbell’s Chunky Soup or something similar when it goes on sale.  Get some instant oatmeal if you want a breakfast option.  Add in some granola bars and some cans of tuna for quick snacks and you’ll be covered for pretty much anything.  I even have a few Hungry Man frozen dinners in the freezer at work.  I wait until they are half price and buy them for less than $3.  Are they the healthiest options?  No, but this is meant as a back up for a couple times a week.  And a can of soup can’t be any worse than a burger at a restaurant.  You could always get low sodium soups or lean cuisine types of meals.

As an added bonus, if a real world catastrophe does happen, you’ll know where to find a hidden stash of food.


What kinds of food would you/are you stashing at work?


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3 comments for “Emergency Food Stash

  1. September 7, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    The #’s are astounding as usually when you drag your frivilous cost sover a long period of time. A little preperation goes along way.

    Thanks for the post
    Small Steps of Sustainability recently posted…How I paid off my mortgage! (Post #1)My Profile

  2. September 7, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    This is something we need to do. We have a small stash in our RV (we are currently full-time traveling in it), but we need more!
    Michelle recently posted…How To Avoid Being House PoorMy Profile

  3. Ginna
    September 8, 2015 at 11:56 am

    Same can be said about supper. Being a work/stay at home mom sometimes I’m drained to make supper so takeout is leaned on. But even a “cheap” takeout meal for a family of 4 can cost $30. Nothing wrong with a can of soup and a grilled cheese. Love this read. Often I’m not thinking long term…. I am now! Thanks

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